• San Diego Zoo – Panda Gift Shop

  • Miramar Youth and Teen Center

  • Navy Postgraduate School

  • Jacobs Center for Community Arts

  • Monterey Meteorology Center

  • Behavioral Health Science Building


Jason Ritter-Lopatowski

I was born in 1982 and grew up in Bloomfield Hills and West Bloomfield, Michigan. At the age of 10, I moved to San Diego with my mother and stepfather. After attending school in Poway, I moved back to Michigan in 2000 to begin my studies in architecture.  I went to Lawrence Technological University, in Southfield, MI,  where I studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.  After completing my undergraduate degree, I moved back to California to study at the University of Southern California. While attending school in Los Angeles, I worked at Perkins + Will.  I graduated with a Masters of Architecture, a Masters of Building Science, and a Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation.  In 2007 my wife, Gretchen, and I moved to San Diego.  After many wonderful years in San Diego we decided to move to the Pacific Northwest to explore some more of the country.

For fun, I like to rock climb with close friends and backpack with my wife and dog.  When the temperature drops you will find me in the mountains skiing.  When not outside enjoying the backcountry, you can find me doing woodwork in my garage or cooking up a storm in my kitchen.


Jason Ritter-Lopatowski

download resume here

Work Experience

  • Rice Fergus Miller – Bremerton, WA (March 2013 – Present)

    • Responsible for all project phases from initial client meeting through construction administration.
    • Coordinating consultants on all aspects of a project.
    • Hospitality design with a major focus on Casino.
  • RKTEQU – San Diego, CA (November 2008 – March 2013)

    • Responsible for all project phases from initial client meeting through permitting and construction administration.
    • Coordinating consultants on all aspects of a project.
    • Work includes Commercial, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Education, and Military including NAVFAC, Veterans Affairs, and Army Corps.
  • Tucker Sadler Architects – San Diego, CA (April 2007 – November 2008)

    • Responsible for pre-design through construction documents on various types of projects.
    • Direct contact with clients and consultants for coordination on projects.
    • Extensive model making with wood and paper medium.
  • Perkins + Will – Los Angeles, CA (October 2004 – December 2006)

    • Participated on projects from pre-design through construction administration.
    • Extensive model making with wood and paper medium.
  • L and S Group – Detroit, MI (2001 – 2003)

    • Light commercial work including steel frame construction and exterior finishes and details
  • Taylor Jones, AIA – San Diego, CA (May 1999 – August 2001)

    • Field measuring for as-built conditions on homes for renovations.
  • Paul Bishop, AIA – San Diego, CA (May 1999 – August 2001)

    • Field measuring for as-built conditions on homes for renovations.


University of Southern California (2004-2007)

  • Masters in Architecture
  • Masters in Building Science
  • Graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation

Lawrence Technological University (2000-2004)

  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Software Skills

  • Autodesk Revit 2013 and above

  • AutoCAD 2009 and above

  • ArchiCAD

  • Adobe Creative Suite CS and Above

    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • InDesign
    • Acrobat Professional
    • Dreamweaver
    • Flash
  • SketchUp Professional 8

    • Photo Rendering Capabilities
  • Microsoft Office

    • Word
    • Excel
    • Powerpoint
  • WordPress

    • Backend interface and website updating

Mad Skills

  • Photography

    • Architectural photography
    • Photo retouching
  • Wood and Metal Working

    • Furniture design and construction
    • Crafts
  • Construction

    • Residential home building and additions
    • Interior improvements
  • Model Building

    • All types of media including wood, paper and plastics
  • PC and MAC Capable




New Years Resolution in Action

Its a tradition that everyone does, but few follow through…New Years Resolutions. We make unrealistic goals that remain just that…goals.  They never turn into action.  This year I am determined to stick with it.  A couple of good friends and I joined the CrossFit East Village gym.  These guy will whip us into shape in no time!


Happy 4th of July

I had a wonderful 4th of July with my lovely Wife, Mother, Step Father, Nephew and his friend.  We had the great opportunity to spend all day at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park.  We started out the day hanging from a cable flying through the air at 40 miles per hour over tons of animals on the “Flightline Safari.”  After a brief crash course we were taken to one of the high points around the park, clipped into our special harness and cable trolley and were let go for our 2/3 of a mile trip over the wild animals.  Following the Flightline Safari we adorned helmets and were given another crash course on how to handle an off-road Segway.  The “Rolling Safari” segway tour took us behind the scenes and gave us a change to see the wild animals up close and personal.  The final event for the day was another up close and personal interaction with a cheetah as we watched it run the 100 meter track in just over 5 seconds.  Top speed reached was about 65 miles per hour!  As the sun set we watched the many firework shows visible from the back yard…quite a day indeed!

Well…I’m 30

I had a wonderful weekend with my friends and family for my birthday.  Had the opportunity to be a kid again at Belmont Park riding roller coasters, bumper cars and laser tag.  A fun filled day followed by great beer and more friends at the Regal Beagle, in Little Italy (one word).   Then to top it off I had a home cooked dinner with steaks and corn with my mom, Hans, Gigi, Gretchen and of course TJ.  Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate this milestone in my life!


I have just about crossed into old-agedom.  Tomorrow marks the point where I officially turn 30!  Ill be living it up at Belmont Park, here in San Diego, riding roller coasters, playing laser tag, driving bumper cars and hanging out with lots of good friends.  Trying to force my old ass to be a kid again!

Website Progress

Have been working diligently to get this website up and running.  I have added some projects to my portfolio page.  Just need to work out a few bugs for now.

Making a Prototype

A very good friend of mine and myself are making our first silicone mold for our invention this morning.  Its been a long time coming from the first proof of concept model.  All the renditions and computer modeling have really paid off.  The new prototype looks amazing.

Website Underway

Well here I am, trying to figure out how to work in this wordpress template.  I must admit that i was expecting a little nicer interface.  The good news is that i have been been getting pretty efficient at some minor coding.  Wish me luck on future updates.